I was supposed to be photographing today the spring show by the talented students of Tanssiva Porvoo dance school, but due to these extraordinary times it was obviously not happening this time. Thus, I am staying home instead and have time to write this blog post and look back on the previous years shows.

In addition to photography, I am a keen dancer with background in rock n’ swing dances, Finnish social/ballroom dances and Argentinian Tango. I have been dancing and teaching Argentinian tango for years and e.g. belonged to show group called TANGO! between 2004-2012. We had a shows around Finland and in Sweden.

Dance photo of me and my wife taken by Paula Partanen

Due to my dance background, I know many dance school owners and dance teachers, who have been now struggling during these challenging pandemic times. The same struggle affects also event photographers, who have mostly lost their opportunities. Empathizes for all dance lovers during these dance agony times and empathizes for all photographers without events to shoot!

As today’s show is not happening, here are some memories from the past shows by Tanssiva Porvoo dance school. More dance photos taken by me from the various events can be found from my portfolio pages.