I have always liked horses, but I have actually never ridden one. Last autumn I had a change to have a photo shoot with Kadi Piller and Frisian stallion called Unto. Unto is a magnificent creature and the sheer size of him creates awe around him. I admired how bravely Kadi controlled the horse while posed naturally for photos. We even went outside the stables to the nearby fields to catch the rays of the evening sun.

Normally it is easy to instruct model e.g., to move one step to the left. This time all the changes in the positions meant moving the huge animal, usually in big circles, so I had to be extra careful when planning the moves. Sometimes the local youth rode past with quad bikes. We had to step aside carefully beforehand when we heard the approaching noises, so that the horse would not be frightened.

All in all it was one the most memorable photo shoots of the year 2019. Hats off to Kadi for arranging this photo shoot at Luhtajoki stables (Luhtajoen ratsutila) and handling the horse.