On an autumn Saturday, a bunch of photographers gathered to the beautiful Vanajanlinna -castle near Hämeenlinna to test Sony cameras and to have a wedding photography workshop with the famous Cristiano Ostinelli. The event was organized by Fotomonza and Sony Nordic. I have Canon dslr cameras and had no former experience with Sony cameras. However, I dared to take the chance to shoot the day with a new Sony 7ar iii mirrorless camera and lenses. We got a brief tutorial on how to use Sony and then we had a chance to take photos with some models. I have to admit that a mirrorless camera and automated focus on eye was extremely easy to use. Shooting felt almost too easy.

During the day we also got an insight on wedding photography from Cristiano Ostinelli as well as from Johnny Perkka. Cristiano explained how he takes his signature photos and his philosophies on wedding photography. All in all, it was a great day with lots of fun, inspiration, networking and good food… not to forget the nice photos. Big thanks to the organizers!

PS. Do I intend to switch to Sony?

Probably not. If I started from scratch that would be a tempting option. Now I already have Canon gear, so switching is not that easy. I really hope Canon will have dual memory card slots in their next iteration of mirrorless cameras and that they catch Sony’s eye focus and other technologies. I think a dual camera slot is important for wedding photography and current Canon mirrorless cameras miss that crucial feature, which they have in dslr cameras.